Hi This is

Mat Taheri

Christopher Columbus of Web! Creative one...

Let's say...

First and foremost, I love to create!
The message is loud and clear that all areas of businesses are transformed by digital technologies. Minds are loaded, Businesses need innovative software developers. Strong passion to create is what should lead programmers to the next line. My interest in the Web pushes me since I was 13 y/o.

I'm a happy socializer between developers who spent 5 busy years on gaining a wide variety of Web-Development and social network skills. I started with Wordpress 10 years ago, continued with SEO and I'm doing my best on React.

Make it count!
Meeting and working with many people gave me a great perspective. Therefore I became interested in Front-end and Mobile development. To make a good experience for clients and users, these vital needs must be served well.
Outside of work, I love traveling and reading books. Continuous learning helps me be an innovative thinker. So I come up with Content strategies or improving Ad tactics in the holidays sometimes. I enjoy meeting people and hearing new point of views. This made my experience outpaced my age; From dog training to music broadcasting.

What I do

Web Applications

The world is becoming dependent. Being Web-Oriented brings limitless pros to all businesses everywhere.


As Phil Frost said, Successful SEO is not about tricking Google; It's about partnering with Google.

Business Branding

A carefully planned, long-term approach to promote services or products. Yea we track the wallets :)


Social Marketing is definitely a iceberg! I lead people with principles and techniques to a higher level.

  • Education

  • Master of Software Engineering

    2020 - Present

    Tabari Institute of Higher Education

  • Bachelor of Software Engineering

    2015 - 2019

    Mazandaran University of Science and Technology

  • Experience

  • Web Master

    Jul 2020 - Present

    Hamrah - Immigration Law Firm

  • Front-end Developer

    Dec 2017 - May 2020

    PetBank - Pet Ad Platform

  • Software Developer

    Nov 2015 - Sep 2017

    Rayan Hamrah Ilia - Communication Services

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